Wednesday, July 22

Discover How A Teenager Labelled as a

Pure Guitar Failure

Made His Major Comeback

30 Days Later!

Worry not my friend! We have been in the same boat, but now is exactly the time to get off that boat!

Dear Aspiring Guitarist,

This blog entry serves as a "rescue" call for all the guitarists currently suffering to learn how to play the guitar, but to no avail. I am fed up with all those ridiculous private instructors and bogus online guitar courses. That is why I will reveal the exact course I followed to achieve a major milestone in my guitaring career, changing my life forever.

February 14th, 2009. It was my birthday. I should be happy, and I was happy, until something happened...

I was a fresh guitarist, a total newbie. I was trying to find a private instructor at the local music school as my passion was to play the guitar, professionally. I would become an instant magnet, attracting everyone when I play. So, following the usual crowd and the typical students, the first step I made was buying a guitar, and then hiring a private instructor. A wrong move.

The private instructor charged me $50 per hour, but since I was not living in extreme poor conditions, my average fees could be fixed at $200 per month. Clearly, I was making progress, although a slow one. Nonetheless, I was delighted with the fact that I was making progress.

Months pass by, and my friend, Ron, invited me to his birthday party. I thought, this was it! I am going to display my skills! Afterall, I was quite confident in my skills. I DID pay more than $1000 to the private instructor! I went into a frenzy-practice mode after deciding what songs to present.

Ron was well-off, and I estimated that he invited more than 100 students and parents to his party. Regardless, I made my preparations and did some final touch-ups. Soon, I was standing on a makeshift stage in Ron's backyard, a guitar in hand and a chair next to me. I sat down, and began my performance.

I was nervous, but I forced myself to continue. As I played the first few notes, the sound that came out was not right. It sounded different and it sounded bad. I did not know what to do at this point. You can't really make clear decisions in front of a 100-big live audience, especially at your first live performance. 

I continued playing on my guitar despite producing horrible music. The crowd was leaving, and it only made me more nervous. Some were shouting some words to me, but I couldn't really hear it clearly. Then suddenly someone amongst the crowd yelled words I will never forget in front of my audience.

"Go away you loser! You are made out of pure stuff, kid. Pure Failure stuff!"

I stood up, managed to "thank my crowd", and ran away. My house was a few blocks away and I ran straight back to home, locking myself in my room. I paid $1000 and what did I get? Humiliation. Distressed and mad, I made a search on the internet to see if anything could help with my guitaring skills.

After some time, I stumbled upon lots of sites. They promised to turn me into a professional guitarist in an hour, but I just knew they couldn't deliver. Broadening my search eventually brought me to what I think is the best online guitar courses - Jamorama.

They were offering free guitar lessons, and I signed up. It was free anyway. However, once I read their first lesson, I made a beeline to Jamorama and without hesitation, bought the course. Why, you wonder? What is it that compelled me to buy the course? Here's a list I could think of that made me bought Jamorama.

  • Step-by-Step-by-Step lessons
  • Effective lessons on How to Read Guitar Tablatures(tabs)
  • Extreme beginner to the most advanced lessons
  • Taught by an experienced tutor
  • Lessons that could last more than 12 months
  • Provides training programs for famous songs
  • Award-winning, trusted company

30 days later, after much practice and lots of my time invested in this course, I finally made my comeback at Jean's party. I was a huge success, gathering instant fans from the party. I even got an encore from the audience! And then it dawned on me that Jamorama was the best course ever, and being offered at a dirt-cheap price was only a plus point.

From beginner to pro in 30 days. I was practicing a lot as long as my schedule permits, and I was following the course as close as I could. It was a satisfactory result. But then again who wouldn't be satisfied with such results?

To Your Success,

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